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Let the Planning Begin!

Do you watch Iron Chef America?  I feel like The Chairman.  Instead of the battle it's the planning, but I feel like it needs a big kick-off like that.

(Read this in The Chairman's voice.)

(Allez cuisine homeschool!)

Wow.  I cannot believe it is time to start planning for the 2012/2013 school year already.  If you know me, you know that this is probably my favorite part.  I feel like a big ole' nerd just saying that.  Give me paper and lists and OH MY HEAVENS a checklist and I'm a happy girl.

This year is going to be even more fun and challenging to plan because I have a high-schooler.  Did you catch that?  I HAVE A HIGH SCHOOLER.  (Or I will, in the 2012/2013 school year.)  In the span of an hour, I go from very excited about this to completely terrified, and from "we can TOTALLY DO THIS" to "oh my heavens, have I made it too easy/hard/complicated/done too much/done too little/left her completely unprepared, what in the world was I thinking trying to homeschool my children?!?"  (Add that to my post-hysterectomy psychosis mood swings, and you've got a total bundle of joy right here.  You're jealous of my family, I know you are.)

As of now, I have plans for the little one and the middle one pretty much nailed down, other than math for the little one.

The middle one will be doing Heart of Dakota Creation to Christ.  Been around for a while?  You might be thinking that you've read that she has already done this.  She has.  She did it for fourth grade, combined with her sister.  She did okay with it at the time, but I think it is so fabulous that we will enjoy repeating it.  I really want her to grab every morsel out of it, and she and I are both excited about her doing it again.  This time we will add the extensions for her, and as of now, the plan is for her to do this one and Resurrection to Reformation over three years.  (It's going to take some math and juggling to figure out how to make that happen, but I'm up for the challenge!)

She will also be continuing with Bob Jones Reading 6 and English 6, and Teaching Textbooks 6.  This will cover her needs for 6th grade.  LOVING that I already have all of the Creation to Christ stuff and Teaching Textbooks stuff.  I just need to get the student notebook from Heart of Dakota and the BJU worktexts and she's good.  WOOHOO!

The little one will be moving into Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory, also from Heart of Dakota, which we will be spreading out over two years.  He will also be doing the Bob Jones first grade Reading/Phonics/Composition/Handwriting class.  We loved this class when the middle one did it, so I'm looking forward to doing it with him.

I am not sure yet what to do with him for math.  Right now we are using Singapore math, and while it's okay, it doesn't feel like "it" for him.  I feel like I'm marking time until third grade, when we can switch to Teaching Textbooks.  (Second grade, Teaching Textbooks?  Please?)

Okay, I'm mid-post and I have to run.  Plans for the oldest coming up soon.

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