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Lush and Wet

Summer showers and rain are keeping the garden very green and wet. This morning I bought some decent sized umbrellas to help keep us dry. Miss E thought they were wonderful!

Our folding umbrella snapped at the handle yesterday. Master T had fun making an umbrella hat from it today.

Love this fern frond in a corner of the garden. It will soon look like the beauty below.

This native Blue Wren was taking advantage of a break in the showers this morning and so was my little butterfly friend.

I don't know the name of this plant but suspect it's poisonous. The flowers close each night and reopen in the morning. Here it is in some sunshine last Friday and below, one of the last bell flowers this morning.

I love the colour and beautiful shape of the buds.

Hoping we won't need to give the new umbrellas too much of a work out just yet. Some areas in our state and the next have have much more rain than us and are carefully watching rising rivers.....

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