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Planning ... for the oldest!

High school?  That little (okay, in actuality not so little) baby that I was afraid I was going to break right after she was born (seriously - I was alone with her in the hospital after she was born, just before we came home.  My job was to get her dressed.  It took about an hour because I was so afraid that she would break.  Turns out she's a lot sturdier than I imagined!)  That child is going to be in high school?  Oh sweet mercy.

Her schooling plans for next year are mostly pretty easy.

We love Teaching Textbooks, so we will continue with that into Algebra 1.  That oughta be loads of fun.  (Why has nobody created a sarcasm font?)  *I* loved algebra.  I suspect her, not so much.

We just started using Easy Grammar Ultimate Series this year, and it's a good fit, so we'll continue with that as well.

She is finishing IEW B this year, so we will continue with that, although I'm really not sure what level she will be going into.  I believe I need to consult an outside opinion on that.  She enjoys writing and does it well, so this has been a good fit for her also.

Then Heart of Dakota for history and science.  This will be her third year of using HOD, and she will be going into the Revival to Revolution guide.  This will cover American history and physical science.

I think one of the best things about all of this is that other than the Easy Grammar, it's non-consumable.  I am trying to keep that in mind when I look at the cost of it.  It's not $XXX.  It's $XXX DIVIDED BY THREE because I can use it for all three!  :D

I am trying now to write a tentative four year plan WITH A CHECKLIST! (!!) to make sure all of the blocks are filled in.  I believe it's a little unnatural, how excited I am about that.  (My life is a series of checklists.  From fourth grade "Do you like Melanie?  Please check the box for yes or no." To current "Does this option include chemistry?"  To my grocery list, which is way too detailed.  It works for me.)

It's funny how much I have enjoyed her Heart of Dakota curriculum.  I started out having her do the history portion independently, but then she would talk about things she was reading and I realized that I had NO IDEA what she was talking about, so I started doing the history portion with her.  I cannot believe how much I am enjoying it.  (And I am wondering how on earth I made A's in school, as little as I currently know about history!  Apparently I became quite adept at cramming for a test and then leaving it all there.  Or maybe it's been 25 years since I was in high school.  Yeah.  Let's blame it on that.)

So ... there are the plans for the oldest, as of now, for 9th grade. 

(Oh, and as an aside ... our homeschooling has never been a WE'RE! GOING! TO! DO! THIS! FOREVER!! type thing.  She wants to remain at home, and I am happy with that.  If she wanted to consider public school we would certainly evaluate that.  She doesn't, so we haven't.)

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