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Slowly Yet Surely

3 days ago, river height:  5.5m (above normal)

Thank you to all who have been thinking of us as our river rose with recent rains. Here's the latest photo update.

Today 3m and still falling

Slowly yet surely our river is falling. As the sodden grass and river mud are being revealed, the accompanying smell is decided unpleasant, drifting as far as our house when the breeze blows from the river's direction. However we are not flooded!

Just for comparison, below is a photo taken in last year's near-miss flood as it peaked at 7.7m, about 10cm short of over-topping the wall's low points.

January 12th LAST YEAR:  7.7m

All the land is saturated and our yard is a little like a soaked sponge under foot. Light showers have continued and no sunshine has been seen for days. We are very relieved to see the river falling but in this condition the whole region is vulnerable to a another bigger flood if heavy rain were to fall (which is elsewhere in our state at this stage).

Even this frog was seeking dryer vantage point this afternoon, sheltering in our letter box.

I spotted this spotted beauty in our yard, yet another variety of ladybug to add to the surprisingly long list.

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