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Lego, one of those toys with a timeless appeal. The last few days the three younger girls have enjoyed having the Lego accessible all over the lounge room floor (on a sheet for easy pick-up). Accumulated over the years, some of the pieces are from my own small childhood collection, some 40 years ago. Love seeing it being played with again and again.

An Australian Lucid Beetle which I found in our yard this morning, this one was on our Grevillea Lavendulacea bush. Apparently short lived and not a pest, they are toxic and offensive in taste to most predators. I love the texture on his wing covers (elytra).

Roses also have a timeless appeal. This one, still in its pot, was given to me by a special friend three months ago.
This morning the long-stemmed bud was beginning to open. As I looked down on it, guess what I saw?

No, not another insect......I saw a heart of petals! Gorgeous!

This afternoon it is a mass of tightly ruffled petals.

One last find for the day, a dainty little damselfly, enjoying flitting around in our pool area.
The marvels and joys to be found in God's creation, timeless indeed.

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