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Wet, Warm and Well Fed

The rain continues, thankfully it's mostly light rain today as everywhere is very wet.

Miss E (19) made some delicious Apple And Cinnamon Spiced Danish Pastries for dessert tonight. The pastry contains yeast and is very similar to croissants, filled with fresh apple, sultanas (raisins) and cinnamon.

They were quite sweet enough without icing on top.

After dessert I tried out one of our new umbrellas and took a quick walk while the rain was lightest. There won't be any fishing at this jetty for the next few days.

The river is at minor flood levels at the moment. All boats in the sailing club were removed early this morning. It's built below the levy wall and designed to withstand floods (after the previous building collapsed under the weight of silt following a flood a few years ago). The view is quite different from  "normal" yet the river height is far from a serious concern for the town at this point. Although still rising, the rain has eased in most catchment areas.

 Something pretty to finish with - I saw these flowers on my walk. They look rather much like hibiscus flowers but the leaves don't resemble hibiscus.

Does anyone know what shrub this would be?

Update: I have since met the gardener and she says this shrub is a Rose of Sharon. The bud opens white in the morning, turns to pink during the day and then drops off the tree. It sure is pretty.

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