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Wetter and Wetter

Our river is a BIG river, she rises slowly and falls slowly. Here are some photos from late this afternoon. You can see the rise in water clearly compared to the photos in yesterday's post, taken 23 hours earlier.

The river is still steadily rising but the rain has eased and the smaller rivers feeding into this one have steadied. We are all somewhat relieved at the most recent forecast update of an expected peaking about one metre/yard higher than these photos show. The river and bridge are more beautiful under "normal" circumstances.

There is also much local "ponding" in the area. Just one block further down our street runs a natural waterway which is usually dry ground. In continual wet weather like this week, it begins to fill and move into some of the nearby house yards. Lovely weather for ducks! I took this photo while standing on the street looking to one side, the photo below is the view looking in the opposite direction. A couple hours after these photos the water had crossed the road which is now closed to traffic.

I found this little beauty on my walk too, looking all the brighter for the dreary weather.

We are safe and dry inside and looks as though things will stay that way, thankfully.

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