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Whistling Kite (Haliastur Sphenurus)

It's a wonderful thing to watch a model glider plane soaring silently and effortlessly through the sky. To see large birds flying with the glider is just awesome.

Sunday evening master J was enjoying flying one of his gliders again, high off the top of the headland - can you see the tiny rock fishermen just to his right below on the shoreline? Soon we noticed a Whistling Kite keeping the glider company.

Another of those wonderful experiences to remember.

I was delighted to find the same bird (presumably) circling around the headland early the next morning (yesterday).

The Whistling Kite is a medium-sized raptor with a wingspan of 120cm to 145cm, the male and female have a similar appearance, with the female being slightly larger. They are quite widespread throughout Australia. I think it's magnificent to see such large birds up close in the wild.

I was a little disappointed when it was no longer visible so started searching for other points of interest to photograph. My attention was taken by the little pointy tip of the rocky cliff corner.

Beginning to zoom in I could notice the old rusty discarded wheels on the ground from when the rock face was quarried many years ago.

Then as I continued to zoom in I realised the rocky corner was in fact the Whistling Kite!!!

With Miss E clinging to my hand, we managed to walk a little closer before he flew away to another vantage point. I was thrilled to have captured some shots of this wonderful bird as well as the beautiful scenery that morning.

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