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A Closer View

Raynox lens which comes with the snap-on universal adaptor, beside adaptor ring (right).

As many of you know, taking macro photos is a great joy to me. My fixed lens superzoom camera does a great job with macros shots but sometimes I have longed to be able to come in even closer with macro photography.

My camera

A couple of weeks ago I read of an exciting possibility on Amanda's new blog -the Raynox Macro Conversion Lens (DCR-250). As I googled and read very positive reviews I realised it was possible to use this lens on my "little" camera (which is not a DSLR) with the addition of an conversion adapter ring.

Camera with adaptor ring and lens

That night I sourced both products on ebay for a total of just over $100 including shipping. My husband was more than happy for me to purchase, we could call it a belated Christmas gift. Both parcels arrived during the week and I have had lots of fun playing with my new "toy".

Here are some of my favourites, none of which have been cropped. With some of these I haven't even fully maximised my in camera optical zoom either. As with all macro lenses there is a very shallow depth of field and I think I will be looking into buying a tripod or at least a mono-pod. A new realm of macro photography is opening up in front of my eyes, a sheer delight.

NB For a regular size DSLR camera no adaptor ring is required, only the snap-on universal adaptor which is supplied with the lens. The actual lens piece arrives with a plastic cover over each side. The lens screws into the universal adaptor which then snaps on and off the camera lens of your choice, making it easy to carry it in your pocket (maybe within a little bag/pouch to protect inside of lens from dust and lint) when not in use. It comes carefully packaged within a solid plastic container for safe storage.

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