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Bromeliad Beauty

A season of rain seems to bring our bromeliads into bloom. Two weeks ago I first noticed a new bromeliad flower spike nestled half way up our frangipani tree trunk. When we bought our home 12 years ago there were a number of bromeliad plants, all of the same variety, tied to the large frangipani tree trunk and nestled underneath it.

Bromeliads are native to tropical America and come in a huge range of colours and forms, the most familiar being the edible pineapple fruit. Many, like this one, are epiphytes, living on or around other plants without being parasitic. They live mainly on moisture and nutrients from the air. In twelve years I have given them no care at all and they continue to slowly multiply and flower occasionally.

They tend to hold rain water in the centre of their circle of leaves. Sometimes we find little green tree frogs living in this natural water-well.

Filtered light suits bromeliads best, however the position of this one against the tree trunk has made light conditions extra tricky for photos. Most days over the last two weeks I have taken multiple photos to trace this flower spike's development, here are the best for us to enjoy.

Watching this series just now I have discovered how the spike grows noticeably taller, measured against the frangipani trunk, in the early stages. Quite an amazing plant.

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