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Double-Barred Finches

Early one morning I spotted these delightful little Double-Barred Finches in a tall, bushy shrub near our driveway.
They make a quiet, gentle noise and fly between several nearby trees, having a nest in the shrub on which they are perched here. They are even quieter and smaller than the Superb Blue Wrens which I have shared previously.

 Double-Barred Finches are native to northern and eastern Australia and are only 10cm or 4 inches long. You can easily see why they were given their name. They are also known as Owl Finches, again due to their appearance. They usually feed in flocks, eating grass seeds and occasionally insects.

These photos were taken nearly two weeks ago and I have hoped and tried to capture some better photos every day since but without success. These shots aren't perfect but they are still too pretty to remain unseen. It thrills me to hear their soft songs and watch them dart around our suburban backyard.

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