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Eeek - Vomiting at Work

Not a good look at all.  Especially when you are the only female in a workplace of computer nerds.  Especially when you are the boss's wife.  Especially when you have to do it in your bin.  Especially when ... well you get the picture.  I would have been embarrassed if I wasn't so damn sick.

I did however, find out who the men amongst the boys were.  And the men who had wives who had been pregnant (not that this was what my infliction was) were my knights in cold flannels and water.  They didn't run away and gag in the corners.  They stayed near me and looked after me and I was oh so grateful.  It brings out the Florence Nightingale in men who have watched their wife spew everyday and engorge with child.  They get a stronger stomach and they get all calm and helpful.  Well the ones who sit near my desk did anyway!

I had a similar experience with a married man who was post baby many years back.  I was a very pregnant and I mean very.  8.5 months gone (I had to keep my legs crossed) and was my school friends matron of honour at her wedding.  She insisted that I should still do it (we were 22 and I dare say there were many Aunts and Grandmothers tut, tutting) .. .so the pretty pink taffeta (it was the 80's ... Ok!) bridesmaid dress of 9 months before got 'let out' to look like I was some demented giant fairy.  I don't have any photo's of this, thank god, but I do have a wonderful memory of the man who was my 'partner'.  His wife had just had a baby and he knew how us pregnant woman can be.  I think he took pity on me, I looked like an iced vo-vo in high heels.  He made sure I had water, shade, a seat, took my shoes off when I looked crippled - I couldn't reach my toes by this stage.  I wish I could go back and thank him properly, I always remember his kindness.

But back to the subject - its such a great thing to discuss ..vomit!

So work ... bins ... spew ... It was still not a very comfortable situation, and yes I know I couldn't help being sick, but it was still awkward.

I know this is mean, but I was glad when 4 other staff went down with the same bug that night - at least they didn't think I had been having a sly G&T, or too many wines at lunch.  At least they knew I was really sick!

Yes, that was mean to say I was glad they had it too.  It was truly a horrible 24 hours, except I seem to still have a touch of it.  Not the violent, techni-colour stuff, but just feeling unwell, tired and have no appetite. 

So can tick that one of my bucket-list. 

Tick .... Spew in my bin in front of all the staff.

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