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If Only I Could Have A Dog

The last couple of weeks have been pretty cruddy, but I'm starting to pull out of it. I can tell because I'm starting to think of starting new projects. When I'm feeling sad, I look at all of my incomplete projects around the house, and I feel depressed. When I'm feeling happy, optimistic, I ignore all the projects sitting around my house and start to think about new projects I would like to start. Notice, neither state of being gets old projects done. 

Well, really, I'm not as unmotivated to finish projects as all that. It just takes me a while. And I can come up with project ideas a whole lot more quickly than I can finish projects. I don't think I'm alone in that.

Anyway, the whole point of mentioning projects is to say that I'm feeling a little better than I was, oh, a week and a half ago. And my desire to blog has been renewed. The only problem is that I'm feeling slow and dull and can't think of anything interesting in my life to blog about. The dullness probably isn't but feels like it is a result of our sugar detox. I really, really want brownies. I've been thinking about brownies multiple times a day for the last week. Brownies and cinnamon rolls.

But there's no story in that. I wish I had a funny story to share about what my husband and I have been up to, but I really don't. We're planning on starting our taxes tonight, so I may have a funny (or painful) story to share tomorrow, but right now I just can't think of anything.

We're dog-sitting for the evening, for a very kind and generous couple from our church. I've written about this little dog before, here. She's a sweet little dog, and she reminds me how very much I would like to be a dog owner.

I imagine that if I were a dog owner, I would have many interesting things to write about. James Herriot wrote a whole, often hilarious book about dogs. I'm sure I could come up with a few entertaining blog posts.

If I had a dog, I could write an irate blog about coming home from work and finding that he had nosed his way up onto the counter and eaten all of the brownies I had sitting in a pan. (Right now that sounds especially dastardly.) I could write a blog about how when he travels in the car with us, he strikes up a mournful note that he seems to hold for hours on end. I could write about how he's taken a special interest in the little boys who live across the street, and because he always wants to go play with them, we have finally found a way to introduce ourselves and make new friends.

Just think of how interesting this blog would be if I had a dog!

However, I do not. And so, you get to hear instead about how all we really did this week was go to work, come home from work, eat a few meals together, watch a strange movie, and not finish projects. Just the hum drum of two working adults. But for all that, I don't always mind the hum drum. But for the sake of this blog... if only I could have a dog.

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