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Of Books, Birthdays and Chocolate

You definitely know you have a bibliophile in the family when they look forward to an author's birthday and delight in celebrating it! February 7th marked 200 years since Charles Dicken's birth, Miss E (19), The Editrix, was very excited.

One of The Editrix' most treasured possessions is a complete 36 volume Centenary Edition collection of Dickens' works. Originally belonging to my husband's great aunt, they have moved from one family bibliophile to another.

Miss E's favourite - Our Mutual Friend. She values these 100+ year old books so much that she will often buy or borrow a copy of a particular volume to read, thus avoiding wear and tear on these old books.

I love how the pages are ragged along the side and base of each book. Only the tops of the books are neatly aligned and had been given a painted/inked finish.

Miss E continues to encourage her younger siblings to develop a love of good classical literature, with varying success. None were overly fussed about Charles' 200th birthday, until Miss E declared she was making a birthday cake in his honour so we could all celebrate the occasion.

A decadent chocolate cake was her choice. "How do you know Mr Dickens liked chocolate?" someone asked. Miss E was quick to quote the words below as assurance of her choice! No further objections were raised....

"There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate."
                                                   ~ Charles Dickens

Yesterday we were reading of George Washington as we slowly move through the ages in our homeschool History/Human Society studies. Miss G (14) who was reading to us, suddenly stopped and said "Today's George Washington's birthday! He's 280!" We were all amazed at this total coincidence. George Washington was quite an amazing man. Miss G quickly completed her lessons as she had decided to make George Washington a birthday cake. We all enjoyed chocolate cake for dessert last night to mark Mr Washington's birthday!

Next week we will be studying Captain James Cook, I wonder when his birthday was......

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