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Paspalum Flowers or Ballet Shoes?

When turning my eyes to very "ordinary" things I am often amazed at the beauty I find. Our backyard is home to many weeds and grasses as well as intended plants. Maybe this is one of the reasons it's home to  a great variety of insects too. I was quite stunned by the delightful details of this paspalum seed head. Can you see the hanging ballet shoes too?

The clearly defined seed pieces, neatly aligned, look like a row of little beetles.

The top line is surely nature's rick rack. As I studied the grass "weeds" in our garden I discovered we have several varieties of paspalum, this one being the tallest. Time for some serious gardening/weeding in the next week of two.

Another joy for the week - late last week I emailed this photo to "Coastal Views", our local free paper, as a "Photo of the Week" submission. Monday night I was informed by the editor that it would be added to his bank of "pics" for publishing sometime. Late Tuesday night a new email read:

 Hi Karen,
I can understand why you like this photo. I will be featuring your photo in this week's Coastal Views.
Thanks for contributing.

Last night I eagerly opened our copy, turning to page 2.

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