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Similar Yet Amazingly Different

Bowl of lychees in front of our small lychee tree

The more I know, the more I learn I don't know.... As I browse the world through blogs and have others visit my own little space, I'm realising afresh how true this is. Yesterday I read a post by Helene about lychees which were previously unknown to Helene and most her workmates (and some readers). I was amazed, I hadn't stopped to think of lychees as being unusual. Helene (and I) have since learnt that her lychees were dried ones, which I had not heard of before either.

As I was ironing school uniforms (for our teenage son who has recently started school, we homeschool our other children) in air-conditioning during the humid heat of our summer afternoon, I pondered again the everyday differences. All but the smallest schools in Australia have school uniforms. Frangipani trees are very common place in our area, yet for many they are exotic and unfamiliar.

I could hear the lawn mower as some of our children mowed our lawn, again - it currently needs mowing every few days during our wet and humid summer. Above you can see Master T, mowing under the frangipani tree, which being deciduous has begun to drop its leaves. The vine growing on the pool fence is a passionfruit vine.

Here is one of the many flowers on our passionfruit vine, which  mostly last only one day.

 We have a small lychee tree between the two fences behind Master T. It's a slow growing tropical tree. Last year it had many tiny flowers and just one fruit. This year it didn't flower at all, however we do buy  lychees occasionally, they are currently in season and cheapest.

I snapped these this morning before they all disappeared, they are so sweet and juicy! I hope you have a chance to try some for yourself one day, they are one of my favourite fruits.

It's a wonderful world with always more to learn and appreciate.

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