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Thankful Thursday

Let me just start out saying I'm not feeling so very thankful right now.

It's 10:00.  Here is a glimpse of our morning so far.  I had told the girls they could sleep in a little. 
My definition of sleeping in:  8:30.
Their definition of sleeping in:  11:00.

Mistake #1:  Not being specific as to the definition of sleeping in.

The little one is always the first of the three to wake up.  He was being sweet; we snuggled a bit, and everything was rocking along.  I decided it was time for the girls to wake up.

Mistake #2:  I sent the little one in to wake the girls up.  Oh sweet heavens, WHAT WAS I THINKING??

Now we have the middle one shrieking at the little one.  The little one is laughing maniacally.  The oldest is hollering for both of them to please shut up.

Awesome.  Just what I was going for; everyone mad within two minutes of waking up.

From there, we have one crying with teeth hurting, two fighting over waffles, one doing his best to require a visit to the ER by vaulting over his desk, and a mama who is wondering if she could fit under the desk and just hide out there for several hours. 

Things that have not worked to get our day on a better path:
~ Group hug.  Nope. 
~ Nicely saying "Love your sister" and "love your brother."
~ Bribery.  (Hey, you gotta try what you gotta try.)
~ Chocolate.
~ Separation.  (Well, this has kind of worked.  Nobody is any happier, but at least they're not yelling at each other.)

Now I'm just trying to laugh about it.  And that does seem to be helping a little. 

I AM thankful that both girls accidentally skipped a math lesson earlier and didn't realize it for a couple of days.  I figure if they skipped a lesson and were able to move on, then they can just skip that lesson for good.  This means that being too busy to get to math yesterday didn't make us behind.  Very thankful for that.

I am also thankful that the little one already knows the blend he is supposed to be learning today, so his lesson is easy.

I am thankful that it's Thursday, which is typically a pretty easy day around here, both in schoolwork and in life in general.

I am TRYING to be thankful for the tons of rain we've had.  I am sure I said last summer in the midst of months of no rain that I would never complain about the rain again.  Really, it's not the rain that's driving me crazy now.  It's the days and days of gray skies.  No end to the gray skies.  BUT, we've had enough rain that the doors no longer stick, and that is definitely a good thing! 

Okay, maybe we can get this day back to happy!

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