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The Great Toothbrush Intervention of 2012

See anything wrong with this picture?

How about if I tell you that this is the bathroom of my children.  I have three children.  Nobody else uses this bathroom on a regular basis.  That is either 11 or 12 toothbrushes right there.  (One child uses an electric one; not sure if it's on the charger and too lazy to go check.) (Oh wait - I can see in the picture that it's not in there.)  So - there are 12 toothbrushes in my children's bathroom.

And there's a Spiderman toothbrush in my bathroom, which I can assure you is not mine, and I'm reasonably certain it doesn't belong to my husband either.

Three children.  Thirteen toothbrushes.

There is one friend who frequently spends the night, so maybe we can assume that one toothbrush might belong to her.

I am puzzled by this.

I asked the children why they had so many toothbrushes and (surprise, surprise) they have no idea.  One child told me that it was so that if they lost one, there was another one available.  Then another child told me that he just chooses one that's dry.  Okay, awesome.  And probably a little gross.  At least we now have the answer to why there can never just be one child sick at my house!

We are going to have a toothbrush intervention around here.  I think I'm going to toss out every one of these, minus the electric one, and start over.  This will be super easy because there is a package of 20 in my bathroom.

Apparently the little apples don't fall far from the tree.

But at least the ones in my bathroom, other than the one used by me, and the one used by my husband, plus the aforementioned Spiderman, are NOT opened or used!

(Oh my ... as I was typing this earlier, the little one brought me a few more that he keeps in his room.  I guess you never know when you might need to give your teeth a couple of swipes and it's too far to walk the three feet from his bedroom to the bathroom!)

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