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Unexpectedly Memorable

Today we became a two vehicle family, the grateful owners of a car in which our older teenagers will be able to learn to drive (you can't legally learn in a 14 seater min-bus). The children were very excited to see it for the first time, not giving my husband a chance to even hop out of the car before exploring....

Due to unexpected supply issues, we have waited five months for this particular car and today it was available for collection in a nearby town where my Mum lives. The children had drawn up a rotation plan showing who would sit where in the new car on our journey home. We had two scheduled stops so the children could swap seats between our mini-bus and the new car.

Master J had been at school all day, he enjoyed a ride late this afternoon, and so did I. A short turn in the driver's seat highlighted how different it is driving a car again after four years of mini-bus driving.

February 29th comes but once every four years. This one has unexpectedly become very memorable for our family.

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