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A Birthday Book

Last week saw us celebrate becoming a two vehicle family and also a special birthday. Miss E has turned FOUR!
I am so grateful for photos which help us remember those precious early days. Miss E was 5 days old when I took this one (and many more). As with all our children, we chose not to know their gender before birth, leaving that secret as a surprise, a reward to look forward to at the birth. She was over 4kg/9lb and simply beautiful in every way.

After the success of the Christmas Shutterfly calendars and a family yearbook which I made through Blurb, I thoroughly enjoyed creating a special little book for Miss E, celebrating her year of being three. This time I used Shutterfly for which I had a good discount. If international postage was cheaper I would create books more often.

Blurb and Shutterfly work differently to each other, yet I have been pleased with the quality and service of both.  Most the photos I planned to use I had previously uploaded to Shutterfly's free online storage facility. This made the book creation process much quicker.

I chose a large, easy-to-read font as I hope Miss E will learn to read her own special book. For now she loves to "read" it making up her own sentences to fit the photos.

Another chocolate cake which Miss E very enthusiastically helped Miss E (19) to make, ice and decorate. She was also very determined to cut the cake into pieces, rapidly wielding a large, sharp knife.......thankfully she let someone else help in the end!

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