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A love song

For anyone who knows me well, I am not at all a romantic.  I don't know why, my wonderful dad is an incurable romantic and he and I have talked about why I am more like my mother and shun romance.  I grew up watching my dad do lovely romantics gestures.  He listened to romantic songs.  Maybe the words of my then boyfriend, now husband of 26 years still ring in my ears 'I don't do romance, it makes me uncomfortable'.  Maybe, at the age of 17 when I met him, I knew that romance was dead.  But, no even before then I knew.  That's why when all my friends were swooning over Leif Garret and his love songs, I was being a realist and listening to the lyrics of KISS.

I cringe at cheesy love songs, Hollywood love stories make me puke, scoff at men who arrange elaborate stunts to propose to their girlfriends.  I get more excited about a wheelbarrow of compost than I do about a dozen red roses.  Give me a pair of secateurs rather than a diamond ring.  Take me out into the red dirt and big open skies with a snagger on the campfire rather than a candlelit dinner at some posh restaurant.  Play me Guns n Roses rather than Marvin Gaye.  Chris Isaak sums up love for me better than Frank Sinatra.

But there is one song that moves me.  That makes me think of what true love really is.  That ignites a tiny spark of romanticism.  It is sung by a man with a lovely voice, backed by the unique riffs of a signature electric guitar.  But if you listen carefully, there is also cello and a big beautiful double bass holding the background of a very passionate arrangement.  I don't know if its the words sung, or the stringed instruments, or the electric guitar that get to me. I do get a thrill when I hear the dulcet tones of that bass.  Its like a safe, sure caress.  I love that my son plays this instrument as its truly my favorite.

Here is one of the song writers, also the guitarist who plays the signature solo at the crescendo.  His name is Slash (there's a romantic name right there!)..

Then here is Adam Levine (Maroon 5),  the co-song writer and singer (see tats can be romantic!)

The words ....
I've been saving
these last words for
one last miracle
but now I'm not sure

and I cant save you
if you don't let me
you just get me,
like Ive never been gotten before.  


Isn't that a beautiful word?  To be gotten?  Isn't that what we all want?  To be gotten?  To be understood and heard.  I think if more people were gotten the world would be a far better place.  To be gotten means our needs and desires are being understood.  It means the other person sees the real you.  They 'get' you.  Isn't that just beautiful on so many levels? 

Go have a listen and see if I am right!


And here are a few more of my favorite non-romantic songs...

Babe I'm gonna leave you by Led Zepplin.

Dont you want me by Human League

Cum feel the noise by Slade

Youre so vain by Carly Simon

Estranged by GNR

and of course the very apt Cold Gin by KISS

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