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A Matter of Seconds

2 pm

We are three weeks into autumn now yet each day the passionfruit vine opens more flowers, many of which begin to set fruit. As I have shared before, the flowers spring open within a few minutes, making it difficult to catch happening.

This afternoon I noticed two flowers had sprung open already while I was searching under some nearby zinnia leaves for ladybugs. I was hoping to witness the wonder of another passionfruit flower opening before their season was finished. Looking around I found this bud above as a promising prospect so decided to stay and watch it a few minutes - I'm pleased I did.

54 seconds later

20 seconds more

11 seconds later

9 seconds more

54 seconds later

Just 4 seconds later

A total of 2 minutes 32 seconds from the first photo above to the last! That's 152 seconds. By morning the flower will be shrivelling and mostly closed. God's handiwork is awesome!

So did I find any ladybugs??? You'll have to come back soon to find out......

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