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Got a little behind (I wish!!)

I had very good intentions to keep this blog on a daily basis, but some days just don't allow me to have the time it takes to write.  Other days, its just plain hard work to get the words out, other days they flow like rain. 

Sometimes, well a lot of the times, the Tom Dog sees me on the computer and demands my attention.  If I don't go and have a cuddle, he yips (as only a border collie can) and leaps at the sliding door.  Its very hard ignoring a very large and determined BC.  But I wait until he has quietened down so we dont reward bad behaviour.  But who can resist this boy?

Its been a quite tiring week, both because I am not sleeping well, and a few wheels falling off here and there (Dad even had this happen to his literally!)  Nothing major, or should I say, nothing major for our household.  We don't ever seem to have a 'normal' life - but then I wouldn't have it any other way.  I like a dynamic and fluid life, love change and crave something different.  If I stay stagnant and in the same place I feel suffocated.

However, there are days when I would just love the routine and mundane.  Just for a few weeks until we catch our breath.  Then I will be wanting to move house, or at the very least moving furniture around.

I have to confess, I have found a new Internet obsession.  Its called Pinterest and I am having a great time making boards of pictures for inspiration and just for sheer pleasure.  Go have a look - link below...


I have found lots of things to make me smile and lots of things to inspire me to get our Guest Wing done. 

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