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Have I  Mentioned We Moved...

Back in January!! :O)
 If you know how  much we like our tea time around here, it won't surprise you that we managed a cuppa in the middle moving chaos...or should I say on top of all the moving!  The kids thought this was a very nice place to sip.
 A view of moving eve.
The home school 'desk' in our new home...we are living with the 6 of us in 780 square feet!  We came from 2800 square feet.  All the girls are in one room.  Our bed has about 3inches of space between the foot of the bed and the wall.  Our living room is actually very cozy!  The kitchen...functions. :O)  I am enjoying the laundry area right smack dab in the middle of our home-our front loading machines are stacked and operating and I feel SPOILED to have them in such a small space.  The tub in the bathroom is better than the one in our big house on Barnes St.-it actually has enamel left on it!  The dining area is cramped but oh SO sunshiny all day long-it is invigorating to have sun streaming in.  The view/land is breathtaking-God's artwork just beckoning to be looked at and speaking His name.

I was going to post a video of our old home but it was taking forever to download.  I seem to be struggling with uploading/downloading onto this blog with the Internet service here?! 

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