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It's grumpy Tuesday .. on a Wednesday!

I call it Grumpy Tuesday.  It's my way of separating the person I have to become to be effective and the real me.  I only let it last one day, then I go back to my old self.  Its too hard to do it for more than a day and anyway why spoil all the days of the week when you can limit it to just one.

Why is it called Grumpy Tuesday?  Because its the day that I call my overdue debtors and ask them when they think they will pay me the money they owe.  I do it on Tuesday as doing it Monday would be just adding another reason why I dont like Mondays.  From Wednesday onwards I feel good as the weekend is approaching and I dont want to spoil that feeling.  And I get Grumpy as I get the same old tired excuses as to why they cant pay me this week. 

Its the business version of the dog ate my homework.

  • We dont have any record of that invoice.
  • Oh, really?  It was posted to your correct address AND a copy emailed to both accounts and the person who placed the order AND I have sent you statement asking you to check you have all the invoices.  But my bad .. I will send it to you AGAIN.

  • The Accounts lady only comes in once a week/month
  • Well could you ask her to please do her job when she arrives and pay the bills?

  • The boss is away overseas and cant sign the cheques
  • Oh, and how did you get paid this week?  And who 'signs' cheques anymore?

  • The invoice doesnt have a purchase order number on it
  • Well next time we wont sell you the product unless you produce a PO.  Like the last time, when you had an emergency and we said we wouldnt do anything until the accounts person could produce a PO  .. yeah right.

  • The IT department still have that on their desk for approval
  • Well off you go then and get it! 

  • We only pay our creditors on 45 days after receipt of invoice
  • Gee, thats nice.  I will only pay my staff after 45 days of them working, maybe your boss should do the same to you?

  • Our payment run is this Friday
  • Thats what you said last week.  Oh.. you mean a Friday too far away?  A Friday in the next month?  A fantasy Friday?

  • The cheque was posted last week.  You havent received it?  I will check and call you back.
  • I will sit by the phone and grow a big long white beard while I wait for your call.

  • We dont have the money/waiting for a cheque to arrive/clear.
  • So why did you use our service or buy our products when you dont have any money?  Do I look like I own a bank?

  • Oh Jodes ...
  • They think using my nicname that only my best friend uses will make me all soft and gooey inside and tell them they can pay whenever they feel like it.  Oh wait, they do that anyway.

I was in far too good a mood yesterday to do it ... so it will have to be done today .. sigh.  Hopefully someone will come up with a good excuse today and give me a laugh!

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