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It's Saturday

It's Saturday and I should be doing many other things other than sitting at my computer reading and writing blogs.  But I am not!

Saturday is sheet washing day.  I love the end result of this chore, love the first feel of crisp white, sweet smelling sheets.  For the first few days, getting into bed makes me smile when I remember I have clean sheets.  Such a simple thing that brings joy!  But the process of getting this joy is sometimes a pain. 

I normally get up and strip the bed before I do anything else.  Before I even have put the kettle on.  But this morning, my bed partner, a little white spoilt dog, did not want to get out of bed when I did and I didn't have the heart to rush her.  She is old and sweet and I followed the saying to leave sleeping dogs lie!

Now its mid morning, two cups of coffee and toast and marmalade have slowed me down.  I know I have something smelly in the washing machine to deal with first.  I threw all the cleaning cloths and dog towels in the machine last Sunday night and went to put it on.  We have been having trouble with the circuit breaker that the washing machine is on, and it had tripped out again this night.  It didn't come back on all week, until Eric the Electrician came yesterday to fix it.  Thanks Eric!

So now, I need to go wash smelly rags in a hot and bleach filled machine.  Then I will run the machine again to clean it.  Then I can do my sheets.  Then I can wash the floors, clean the loos, vacuum the lounge...

But you know what?  I think I will just have Saturday off and do all this tomorrow. 

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