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More Precious Gifts

Following on from my last post are a few more wonderful photos and memories brought home by Master J's from his school excursion. They visited Macquarie University in Sydney to view the Museum of Ancient Cultures.

We have covered a good deal of history over our years of homeschooling but History was never a favourite of Master J's. Asking him about these photos he replied that History is quite interesting when explained by an expert and you have some great exhibits to see and actually handle.

He took a few photos while at the Sydney Aquarium, mainly for Miss E's (4) pleasure. She was too young to remember our family visit just over two years ago.

Being a keen cricketer, Master J took several photos of this cricket bat at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. It's signed by the Australian team which played against the West Indies in 2005. This was of particular interest to his twins sisters (14) and Master T (12), fellow cricket players.

The day after his return was Miss E's 20th birthday. Miss E, our precious first-born, has wonderful classical tastes when it comes to literature, art, history and life in general. She is a confessed bibliophile and a beautiful person in every way.

Master J visited the National Art Gallery while in Canberra, this was the only section of the trip Miss E desperately would have loved to have seen as there is currently a Renaissance exhibition on loan. No photos are allowed in the National Art Gallery, as we knew from our family visit two years ago. However Master J had a birthday surprise......

....a copy of the book featuring the exhibition! Miss E was thrilled. It was the only thing Master J bought on his trip other than a little food.

His thoughtfulness and generosity touched more than Miss E.......

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