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Poached Egg for Breakfast

Felt like something savory this morning, not the usual jam/marmalade on toast or muesli and yogurt.  Cheese on toast seemed a little indulgent for a weekday, and eggs on my own, Mr Kirsa doesnt do breakfast on a weekday, was a lot of effort for one person.

But I thought, what the hell, poached egg for one does sound good.  On went the pan, water and vinegar (only had good white wine vinegar but it did the job) and in the time that it took the water to boil I had emptied the dishwasher.  In went the egg, freerange of course, but alas not farm fresh, but a lovely yellow yolk just the same.  Sourdough bread sliced and in the toaster and will be ready in chorus with the egg.

It was perfect.  White just cooked, yolk cooked but still runny.  Black pepper and sea salt.  Just a simple thing, but it did make me smile.  Still wishing for chooks of my own, but thats will have to wait until all the planets align.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures of my daydreams.  Some are practical, some are possibilities (Hi Dad!!) and some are just so over the top that no self respecting Aussie Chook would be caught dead in them.

And of course here is a potential tenant

And this is a weeks rent

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