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Precious Gifts

 Parliament House Canberra, beyond Old Parliament House, as taken from the War Memorial

Master J (17) was away most this week on a fast-paced school excursion to Sydney and Canberra. I gave him my pocket Canon IXUS to take with him, in case he wanted to take any photos. He very rarely takes any photos so I half expected he wouldn't use it.

A section of the WWI Wall of Honour, National War Memorial, Canberra

When he returned late this week I was very pleasantly surprised. Not only had he used the camera but he had captured many great photos to share with our family. I feel like he had given me a wonderful gift. While I was capturing only our little backyard and busy house painting, he was careful choosing and snapping pieces of his trip for all to enjoy.

The Last Post, played at 5pm each day, National War Memorial

Old Parliament House through his bus window

Looking back towards the War Memorial from the top of Parliament House

The huge flap atop Parliament House

From inside Parliament House looking up at the flag pole

Directly underneath the flagpole/pyramid

Parliament House entry foyer with marble posts to represent eucalyptus trees

Precious gifts to me - all photos taken by Master J (edited by me). A few more yet to come.....

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