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Stripes Paint!?!?

A conversation a few days ago with our 4 year old, as she looked at our white primed/undercoated walls:

"Does Bunnings (hardware superstore) only have white paint?"

Just the beginning

"No, they have all sorts of colours," I replied.

"Do they have stripes paint?"

"Well no, but you can..." I began to explain.

"I know," Miss E suggested, " how about we paint one ceiling lellow, one ceiling purple and one ceiling brown!"

I wonder what she had in mind for the walls! I decided not to ask...

Our terrific trio (our middle guys 12, 14, 14) have done a marvellous job over the last two weeks. The younger three were very keen to help also. They all helped with the scraping and sanding and after their initial attempt with the brush we decided we pay the younger three NOT to help with the painting....

 Our peeling hallway and our toilet room, including 7 doorways and 5 doors, all with old original tiered skirting boards and door trims, were all badly in need of scraping and repainting. High ceilings make the job more of a challenge.

Their hourly rate? Some time off school work and less than a dollar an hour each. They were happy and so were we. This is their 4th painting job over the last few years, becoming better each time (with a little delegation, assistance and quality control).

Finishing touches completed and drop-cloths removed yesterday, bookshelves back in place today, and not a purple ceiling anywhere in sight!

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