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Unexpected Friends

This delightful insect was enjoying collecting nectar on a camellia flower. At first I thought it may have been a wasp but it posed not threat. With help from google I have identified it as an Australian Black Banded Hover Fly. They help pollinate plants and their larvae eat aphids and other garden pests, sounds like a great friend to me.

Some more friends have been lurking in  my garden. I had spotted the odd yellow and black ladybug on the ageing zinnia plants.

As I looked more closely, I discovered lots of these little beauties on the undersides of the zinnia leaves. I counted at least 20 of them, some smaller than others.

This one is busy doing a little preening  and cleaning between feeds. They really are quite fascinating to watch.

On another zinnia leaf was this bigger bug, again quite friendly, even waiting patiently while I took his photo!

The nearby basil flowers are attracting a different set of insects again with European bees and the smaller, faster, harder-to-snap native bees.

Last but not least, a pretty little butterfly too.

I love having garden friends who are busy little workers. My busy little people helpers have swapped school lessons for house painting this week - our badly peeling hallway and surrounds are receiving some much needed attention.

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