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A Change of Pace

A change of pace is good. Without realizing it, my thinking often gets into a rut. A change of pace gives my mind a ladder to climb out of the rut for a little while.

For example, one day when I’m walking to work, I might start thinking about something unpleasant, like the mountain of student loans Husband and I are trying to pay off, as I glance at some nondescript tree by the sidewalk. Then the next day I see the same tree and I am reminded of how I thought about student loans. The next day the association is easier, and so forth.

However, if Husband and I decide to take a daytrip to a semi-nearby city to visit stores and eat in a restaurant, I might see a tree by the side of the highway as we drive along. But instead of being reminded about student loans, I’m thinking instead of how excited I am to eat at Olive Garden and look at e-readers in stores.

Husband and I did, in fact, take a trip to an Iowa city yesterday, and it was an excellent change of pace. I meant to take pictures, but I forgot the camera.

We ate at Olive Garden. Soup: chicken gnocchi, vegetarian minestrone, and too many garlicky breadsticks.

We went to Target and Barnes and Noble to look at e-readers. I think I want to get one. Professional development as a librarian, and all that. E-ink or color? Nook or Kindle? I’m really not sure yet, but it was fun to look.

And then Husband braved Old Navy like a champ, while I waded through the crowds around the clearance racks.

When we came home, we were invited to another couple’s house to sit around a bonfire and eat s’mores. (In March, I keep reminding myself.)

Lovely, pseudo-summer change of pace.

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