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Down By the Sea: Part 2

                                                                                                                                       Available for purchase here

I hope you enjoyed our stroll through the littoral (close to the sea) rainforest in my previous post. When we started out on our walk I was expecting to see amazing birds, lizards, wallabies and other animals. With my telephoto lens on my new DSLR I was ready, but as we walked we began to realise there were virtually no animals to be seen. I had quickly taken a few photos of some fungi and tried to keep up with the family.

About half way along the track my husband pointed out this tree stump. "Just more moss" I thought. Then on closer inspection I found two tiny white dots - can you see them? (At around 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock on the stump clock face). At this point I changed my focus. I suggested the rest of the family go ahead so I could change lenses and have some time to more closely investigate what was present and not what I had hoped to find.

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                                                                                                                     Available for purchase here

There were two even smaller light brown fungi, so tiny and sweet. I really enjoyed the rest of my walk and caught up with the family at the beach. That night I kept thinking about a couple of fungi finds I had quickly tried to snap earlier in the walk. The next day I decided to venture back into the rainforest by myself to take time and really appreciate them.

                                                                                   Available for purchase here

This little red one was fresh and new this next day, a tiny little treasure about 1/4" across.

These beauties were growing on the side of a fallen log, so delicate.

I love the contrast in colours.

Another stump yielded another kind of fungi when I examined it closely.

I had nearly completely overlooked these special little creations in my search for the bigger, bolder targets. Next time I have opportunity I'll walk the rainforest again with a much more receptive heart and mind, being prepared to change my focus and lens and take my time to truly look and listen. A lesson I can apply to much in life......

So what was at the end of the rainforest? See here...

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