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Down By the Sea?!?!

When you go the the seaside you expect to find beaches with lots sand and waves along with all the wonderful sounds and smells of the coast.

However the seaside village where my parents-in-love live is also home to a rainforest. Not a jungle type of tropical rainforest but a seaside rainforest, a LITTORAL RAINFOREST, one by the sea.

This is one of the last remaining littoral rain forests in the Southern Hemisphere and it is world heritage listed.

I grew up in the foothills of large mountains and thick rainforest, very different to this rainforest. It seems rather strange to go on a rainforest walk while hearing the waves crashing nearby. Quite a delightful experience.

Not far from here you leave the rainforest and find yourself at the beach.

About half way along this 2.5km walk something special happened. This photo holds a clue but you'll have to wait for part two......

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