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Miss. Esmé is sporting a new short haircut!  I was debating cutting her hair because it is sort of wispy and thin.  A couple of days ago, I left the haircutting scissors out even though a voice was telling me to put them away.  You know what followed, don't you?!  Yes, she got hold of them and took a good snip chunk out of both sides of her hair.  I tried to trim it up but did not dare go as short as the snips were.  So off to Sabrina (my cousin-in-law) we went and she fixed it up quite nicely.  I should have taken a side profile to give you a better view of the cut but here's what I got:
Bonus picture of baby napping :O)  Delightful isn't it?  (You will notice her sweater is tossed aside, socks ripped off and there are no blankets on her-it's in her blood, I tell you!)

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