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Iceberg Rose

I was watering this morning (its going to be 34 degrees in Perth today .. April!) and my poor little Iceberg Rose is looking very sad.  Its completely in the wrong place for a rose, in mostly shade, in a pot, next to the dogs runway and peep hole with the neighbours dog so it gets used as a bravery barrier between Tom Dog and Buster. 

But, she keeps living, despite the hardships and every now and again she puts out a few white flowers.

Today I felt just like her.  I am in the wrong place, doing the wrong things, and having stress's thrown on me that makes life hard.  But I know that I have to keep flowering every now and again.

This is not a pity party, just a statement of fact - and a way to try and find answers to change the situation. 

I will move Ms Iceberg to a sunnier and more protected place and see how she thrives.  This will give me hope that when I can move, I too will thrive.

Isn't gardening grand!  :-)

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