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Learning to Drive

Along our front path a lonely oxalis plant is providing another lesson in beauty. Having only thought of these plants as weeds I had never really looked closely, until this week. Both photos above were taken with my Lumix compact zoom camera using the Raynox macro conversion lens attached.

Monday afternoon my first DSLR arrived, a Canon 600D/EOS KissX5/Rebel T3i  Twin Lens Kit (a heavily discounted "group deal" from ebay). I've pinched the SD card from the Lumix for now and am learning how to "drive" my new camera. The two photos above were taken with the DSLR, using the Raynox macro conversion lens  this morning.
The Lumix performs wonderfully for macro shots.

The rest of the photos below are with the new camera also.

A little Prince-in-waiting rescued by the children as they were gardening - doesn't he look grateful, maybe he's pleading for that kiss!

The last photo is SOOC. I doubt I would have been able to capture this so well with the Lumix. I love my Lumix and it will remain my choice for long walks and often for macro. However the DSLR has already endeared itself to me and I'm sure will continue to do so as I learn more about using it.

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