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Showcasing Librarians

Husband and I had another chat about the book challenge last night. In order to assuage my guilt, Husband grudgingly agreed We’ve both agreed that because my job has changed and put me in charge of some adult programming at the library, and because I have my book blog up and running (if you haven’t checked it out yet, you can find it here!), it’s important for me to keep up with current literature. But I still want to continue my challenge. I do want to read all the books that captured my interest enough to make me part with my hard-earned money and purchase.

Husband helped me come up with a new guideline: For every one book I read off of my shelves at home, I can read four books from the library, friends, and so forth.

Now I’m hoping that the following vignettes of librarians will give you cause to chuckle and willingness to show this silly librarian some lenience.

Vignette 1

Husband and I are sitting on the couch in the evening, talking about our days.

Me: So… I may have checked out another book from the library… and I may have brought it home to finish it.

Husband: What? Why’d you check out another book? What about your challenge?

Me: (Shifting uncomfortably, not looking Husband in the eye.) I forgot The Fellowship of the Ring at home this morning. And I needed something to read during my lunch hour!

Husband: You couldn’t find anything else to do during your lunch hour besides read?

Me: Well, I was planning on finding something else to do, but then when I was walking past the Young Adult section, I saw this book that I had started looking at when we were at Barnes and Noble last week.

Husband: And then, what? Zombie librarian took over: “Reeeeead book!” (Wiggling fingers in front of face, eyes glazed over.)

Me: Well… It wasn’t like I consciously chose to pick up the book. I was walking past, and my hand shot out of its own volition. Then before I knew what was happening, I had somehow checked the book out to myself and I was sitting in the break room! I can kind of sympathize with kleptomaniacs. 

Vignette 2

I am walking back from the library in the dark with a fellow librarian, L. L is carrying a book, and I remember that she told me she had been reading while walking to the library earlier in the day.

Me: (Already laughing. It’s dark, after all.) So, L, are you going to read on our walk home now?

L: (Smiles.) I was thinking about it.

Me: I guess there are enough streetlights… You could pick up your book every time you’re under one.

L: (Holding up her cell phone, with the screen lit.) Yeah, and I’ve got my cell phone!

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