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Weekend Cooking

Bought a shoulder of lamb yesterday after watching Mr Oliver make a very yummy (but way too quick) roast.  I had in mind something slower and more fall off the bone (must have been all the rain that made it feel like winter).  I went for the recipe on the Coles wrapping the lamb came in.  It had rosemary (of course), thyme, garlic, lots of salt and pepper, tomato paste and tinned tomatoes, red wine and then some celery, carrot and potatoes.  Plonk it all into my red Staub french-oven and cooked for 3.5hrs.  It smelt divine as it cooked and when I lifted the lid, the meat was falling apart and sitting in a rich sauce.  Served it with creamy mashed potato and some steamed green beans.  It was lovely, but a little rich for me. 

One of my favorite pots in the kitchen.

Just had leftovers of this - cooked the mash and meat in a frying pan a-la-bubble&squeak and it was really delicious.  Still have lots leftover, will make a fritata of it tomorrow night.

I later found a Maggie Beer slow cooked lamb recipe, which uses red wine vinegar, she says to cut through the  richness, so next time I will try this .. Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

Mr Kirsa was eyeing off tinned rice cream in the shops, something I find very strange and abnormal - to eat a basic creamed rice from a tin.  I persuaded him to not buy tinned stuff when I could easily make the real thing, WITH sultanas and FLAVOUR.  Its such a comforting desert, they even call it Nursery Rice!  1 cup rice, 1.2litres of whole milk, 2/3 cup sugar, vanilla, sultanas and a grating of fresh nutmeg.  Cook, stirring often on low for an hour.  Stir in 300ml cream when cooked.  Yummo, and when the boys are not living at home, we have this for breakfast and desert for many days to come. 


Or this?

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