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Wow, what a week!

So its been 8 days since I last wrote.  And it seems like a lifetime of things have happened since then.  I am feeling really exhausted tonight so I will just give a summary of the events and come back during the week to flesh out the details.

  1. Friday 30th March - we get a phone call early in the morning from our wonderful neighbours at Wattle Grove to say there was a removal truck where our tenants used to be.
  2. Sunday 1 April ... yes April Fools Day ... while we are out assessing the damage that the tenants left behind, we get a call to say a burst water main has flooded our office.
  3. Monday 2nd April - At the hospital at 6-30am with Ash as he has a scheduled operation.
  4. Tuesday and Wednesday - Home with Ash and playing nurse and Mum.
  5. Thursday - cramming a whole weeks worth of work into one day.
  6. Easter Friday - the clean up at Wattle Grove begins
  7. Easter Saturday - My faith in human nature is restored when friends and family come in droves and roll up their sleeves and work all day.
  8. Easter Sunday - a day when I just want to stop and just be .. we have to deal with staff issues. 
  9. Easter Monday - back out to WG, but this time just Kim and I and Cam and Abby.  Oh, and the doggies.  It was a good mop up day, still some hard work to do, but its now all manageable.
So there is the summary, you can see why I feel a tad overwhelmed! Of to have some dinner and a good nights sleep.

12 Months ago this was a brand new pool!

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