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Best laid plans

Making coffee this morning, waiting for the kettle to boil, I was checking the calendar on the pantry door.  I have written in May, on the Goal section - 'Start Working From Home'.  I had a delicious taste of how it could be on Tuesday, a little dress rehearsal, when I stayed home to work.  Between you and me, it was wonderful!  I started work at 8am and didn't leave my desk until 6pm.  Oh, well, except for when my work colleague called in to pick up the work car, we may have had a little breakfast and a chat.  But apart from that it was ALL work.  Oh except for when I got up to make some lunch, and very quickly mind you, put a load of washing on.  I may have also had a little cuddle and play with the puppies, and of course I had to peg out the washing on the line when it was done.  But APART from that, it was a full days work. 

I was so peaceful.  I could see outside - trees and birds - oh I do remember, I did pop out to the bird bath when I saw the little willy wagtails having a bath.  I knew the birdbath needed a clean out and filling up.  It only took a minute and the little birds were very grateful.  While I was out there, I noticed how dry the pot plants were, despite the rain we have had.  Only took me a second to water them.  Oh and you should see the weeds that were popping up in my thyme.  If I don't pull them up now, they will over run the thyme and I wont have any to cook with.  Only took me a sec.

It was great working from my own PC.  I could terminal server into all my files at work and while I was having a look around on my PCs HDD I found the folder with my UK/Europe trip.  I had been meaning to revisit them, but I only had a little peak in there - after all I was 'working'.  I found lots of photos and some great ideas for future blogs came to mind, of course, as fellow bloggers know, I had to make notes there and then otherwise the good ideas will get forgotten.  And while I had the pics open, it doesn't take long to resize them and save in my blog folders.  Rather proud of myself, it didn't take long and now I have some ready blog subjects with pics for the next blank day!

Have a wild stab where we are!

After all this hard work, I treated myself to a cup of tea, nothing I wouldn't do at work anyway, and had some time out in front of a few cooking shows on the TV.  Its OK, if I was at work I would have had a chat with the boys while we made tea and I normally wander out and have a chat with Ms S - her and I are the only girls in the whole office, we have to stick together.  I saw a great recipe on Huey's, have to make that for Mr K for dinner tonight.  Made a shopping list before I forget the ingredients.

Right back to work.  Had a bit of a scramble about looking for a pencil sharpener and then a hole punch.  I really will have to get more organised than this if I am going to do this on a regular basis.  I think a few shelves above the monitor will be good, and a set of matching white files ... oh didn't I see a good set up on Pinterest the other day?  I will just check out that pic then I can make a plan to set up my workspace properly.  It makes sense to create a new board called 'Home Office'.  Wow, you should see how many great ideas there are out there.  I think I now have 32 pins on that board now.  I will have an awesome work-from-home set-up. 

Did some end of month reports, and being in a creative mood, decided to make them more reader friendly and put in charts and bar graphs.  Took me a while to format it all, choosing colours that co-ordinate takes time you know.  And don't get me started on the page borders!

Checked the time, 5.55 - Wow ... where did the day go?  This working from home is great , I am so productive! I felt very creative and had printed out the 2 page End of Month report ... gee it looked pretty.

Yep, I sure am going to love this working from home caper.  I get SO much more work done!

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