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Changing Seasons

Today is officially the first day of winter in Australia. There are few deciduous trees in our town, this street being the only one I know of which displays "autumn colours" with numerous liquid amber trees.

Each day I try to convince Miss E (4) of the need to wear warm clothes, the rest of us wear jackets  most of the day.

The kangaroos at church seek the sun, not the shade.

We rarely visit a park these days. Monday we took quick and energetic trip down memory lane. The play equipment seems so much smaller now.

There were times when I had three children under the age of two years as well as a mischievous four year old boy (Master J) while also home educating a seven year old (Miss E). Two years later we had four children under four years while educating the older two. A visit to the park was a logistical and physical challenge yet somehow achieved regularly.

Miss E much more at home with a classical book than play equipment these days......

Instead of needing to keep eyes continually searching everywhere and counting heads I can now stand back with a camera and enjoy the fun and games. With so many older siblings I'm not required to be the helping/guarding hands and eyes. The excitement and energy is tangible, a joy to soak in.

When we first moved to this town and visited these parks Miss E (20) was only 4 like Miss E junior today.

The seeds are sprouting....

and the first bulbs poking their heads through the soil.

The frangipanis are bare, letting the winter sun shine through.

A quick car wash this morning before school work. Miss E loves to help....and wanted to have a swim in the pool afterwards! (not happening). A top of 18C / 65 F forecast for today.

Taken this morning, six days after the one at the top of the post. The leaves are gradually falling as are the temperatures yet much green is still, and will remain, visible through winter.

Beauty and joy in every season.

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