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Flighted Discoveries

Amongst the many bees currently feasting in our backyard there are a couple of much larger bees. Here's one of them caught mid-air. I have just discovered that it's a native Australian bee, there are over 1,500  species Australian native bees. What delights me most is it's name, a Teddy Bear Bee! (Taken with 55-250mm kit lens- image cropped)

A few days ago some of us noticed two large raptors flying overhead. My husband also saw them out of his window at work a few blocks away. Three of us were trying to identify them from this photo taken from our front yard. Master J, who had been away at school all day, was sitting on the other side of the room. He casually says "It's a Square -Tailed Kite, they've been around for about 6 months!" He was correct of cause, as he is with most things relating to flying!

Another recent front yard find, a Yellow-Faced Honeyeater having a feed on the Duranta.

We are all familiar with flies, but check out the weird head structure a macro reveals!

The hover flies really like the gerberas. Each insect type seems to have their favourite plants.

Did you know bees can easily be distinguished from flies as bees have four wings whereas flies only have two?
Photos help me learn so much more about the world, even the "world" of my very own house yard.

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