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Go away world

I had such a lovely weekend with my parents up for a few days, hanging with my sons and spending a lot of time out at our beloved property.  Today, the stress's and pressures and crappy stuff came creeping back in.  I don't suffer from the old Monday-itis anymore so its all bright and chirpy first thing.  About morning tea time, the downhill slide starts - emails, phone calls, messages from staff.  Like sand through an hour glass (the days of our lives) it piles up and smothers my mood.  yep.  right now I feel like a pile of sand!

But I have a remedy now.  I take a little break, walk with the doggies in the garden (such that it is here in suburbia).  Look at the sky and feel the sun.  Smile at the antics of the dogs, smile at my pure white dahlia in flower, smile at the parsley green and gorgeous.

Now I am refreshed and relaxed and head inside to make a (real) pot of tea and onto the next challenge.

Makes all the difference.  Am ever so grateful I have the choice to work from home.

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