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Google Moon

Inspired by my accidental moon rise walk this evening I checked Google to see if /when it was full moon. It's only then I discover that it is tonight or maybe last night. Not only is it a full moon but a Super Moon  or a Perigee moon, terms which I have never heard before. This is the closest the moon will be to earth this year! That helps explain why it looked so spectacular as it rose over the horizon.

With my new DSLR I head outside to try and capture this amazing sight tonight. Light clouds drift over as I'm trying to find a setting which will take more than a white glowing ball in the sky. No success. My husband uses Google and together we set the camera and I wait patiently for the clouds to move on. Worth the wait. No doubt a "better" lens and a tripod would be handy too, but I am satisfied.

The "secret recipe" we found on Google.....
Shutter speed 1/125,  aperture f 11, ISO 100.
Adjusted in iPhoto.
If you have some secret night shot recipes, I'l love to hear them!

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