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Happy Birthday Mr A!

It's my 'babies' Birthday today.  He is 23.  When did that happen?  He and his brother have moved out of home now, in their own little house and their own lives.  It seems strange that we don't have him home to jump on his bed and give him presents to open.  So we are going to do the next best thing and call around there on the way to work.

Even though he is my baby, I have to acknowldege him as a man.  He has grown into the most amazing person and I am so profoundly proud of him.  He is so loved by so many, a tribute to his kind and generous spirit.  I hope he knows this. 

And his present?  No its no the latest transformer or Pokemon.  Not even a Perfect Circle CD or TShirt. 

Nope, he wanted a juicer.  A Kitchen Appliance!!  Is this the sign that your children have become adults?  So we went to Myers and bought him a Breville Juice Fountain Plus.  So he can make fresh and healthy fruit and vege juices.  He is learning about good nutrition and being super healthy which I am very proud of.

But how can I make him fairy bread for his party when he wont eat white bread, butter or sugar?  I am going to go and buy a whole lot of fresh fruit for him to juice.  I guess my baby is all grown up!


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