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It is today.

I remember as a kid, we drove several times between Nashville, TN and Trinity, TX.  It was a long drive, and as the oldest child, being in the back seat with the little brother and little sister wasn't always the most fun thing in the world.  The brother was a squirmy little boy and the sister was a screamer.  (Funny how my own children mimic us as children!)  I was trying to be cool - quite a task when sitting on vinyl seats in the south in the summer - haha~!!

There was this song that I remember playing.  I don't know if it was on the radio or the handy-dandy 8 track.  (Giggling at that too ... late 70's, pre-cassette days I think.  Maybe not though; I might be remembering back a little further than the annual road trips.)

Okay, whipping out Merle Haggard here.  Apologies in advance.

... someday, we'll look back and say, it was fun ...

This song would play.  And I would think in all of my pre-teen-ness "This is NOT that day."  This is not fun.  Not in any way, shape or fun.  Don't get me wrong - I loved getting to Trinity and all the visiting.  The road trip though?  At the time, not so much fun. 

Today though?  They were right.  I can look back and say it was fun.  And really?  It probably was fun at the time, I was just too cool to admit it.

I am missing my brother today.

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