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Looking the Other Way

Heading off for a brisk evening walk, almost too late, quite a nip in the autumn air, I walk faster, holding tight my Lumix camera, just in case. Faster, faster, warming up. Onto the bridge. Yes, the familiar sunset was just about spent.
I enjoy the exercise anyway. Then I turn the other way, looking east, downstream....wow! I hold the camera high above my head to snatch a shot between the girders and above the handrails.

Walking faster I make it to the end, under the bridge and come up the other side to walk back on the eastern walkway, hoping for a better chance. But it's not to be. The sun has set, the colour and light draining from the sky.

"You'll have to be more patient for the moon," another pedestrian says.
"But the sun has already set!" I reply. Then I look the other way, south this time. WOW!!! The moon is just beginning to edge over the horizon!

I walk and watch and linger long at the far end of the bridge, now it is late. But how can I leave while witnessing this!

I hadn't thought I might catch the moon as I walk the bridge. The possibilities are exciting....

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