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New Clothes!

Do you like the new look?  I love it!  Maybe new clothes will inspire me to do some new posts.  :) 

Michelle did this again, you can go to the right of my blog on the bottom and click her link; I know she would love to re-do yours as well. 

We have been so busy getting our school year wrapped up.  The little one is finishing his kindergarten DVD program today and will probably finish the rest of his curriculum next week.

The middle one has finished math and reading.  She has one week of English left and a couple of weeks of her Heart of Dakota.

The oldest has finished IEW and will be finishing up math and her Heart of Dakota in the next couple of weeks.

The plans are in place for next year and the books are starting to pile up. 

I have a big picture post that I need to do.  Maybe I'll get motivated to do that soon!

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