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Miss E chose her first ever nightgown, she loved it so much she slept all night wrapped tightly in it.
This is her happy, almost-awake gorgeousness the next morning.....

Early morning dew drops on strawberry leaves.

Overnight raindrops dangling from a grevillea flower style, glistening in the early sunlight.

Our red gerbera as seen yesterday.

Miss O with hot pink stick, playing her first "C Grade" women's game today. She is making up numbers for a local school team of girls two years older than she is. Rather brave considering this is her first ever hockey season. Miss O is also playing in a team of girls her age. We have four playing hockey this "winter", most playing in two teams each.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

PS Just took this from our back deck as our annual town Show concluded with some fireworks!
Must work out to take better fireworks photos one day.....

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